Nokia E71 Getting 5MP Camera Upgrade

Making one of the very best even better.

We voted it the best smartphone of 2008, but is the E71 about to get even better?


Showing it is ready for a 2009 spit and polish the E71 will apparently be relaunching under the tweaked ‘E71i’ name (a route taken by its predecessor the E61) with the key alteration said to be the addition of a top notch five megapixel camera. At this stage it isn’t known if there will be a flash.

Of course, given its target market, more megapixels probably isn’t the first area many would look to bolster the E71 but it does look good on the marketing especially with a newer (and possibly more pertinent) version of the Symbian (S60 FP2) also installed. Superficially an additional mocha brown finish is in the works as well.

Personally, I’d like to see something more pressing like a little more native memory but given the E71 – for our money – remains the best Qwerty fitted smartphone currently on the market (yes, including all BlackBerrys) I’ll not moan too much.

Surprisingly, we hear the E71i won’t appear until September at the earliest by which time an E81 would seem likely but it never hurts to refine a thoroughbred…

via Electronista

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