The Nokia 9 has reportedly been held up by its ambitious camera array

Smartphones are struggling to innovate, but one of the biggest successes of 2018 proved to be Huawei’s move to triple-camera arrays. It was only a matter of time before others followed, and after Samsung moved to four for the Galaxy A9, rumours quickly emerged of Nokia’s five-lens effort.

This ambition may be proving problematic, as rumours are circling that the ambitions penta-cam setup has caused delays to the Nokia 9 – the company’s most determined attempt at targeting the very top end of the market.

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Reports of the problem come from, which cites HMD Global’s marketing manager for Germany Britta Gerbracht. According to the report, the Nokia 9 Pureview’s camera is not quite up to scratch, which is quite a big problem when the five lenses will definitely be the thing consumers are drawn to and reviewers will be critiquing.  

More importantly, you get the impression that the company feels that this one has to be right, because although it’s done a great job in getting back into the low and mid market, Gerbracht conceded that neither the Nokia 8 nor the 8 Sirocco has quite met the company’s expectations in the high-end space.

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Still, generally the future looks pretty rosey for Nokia and HMD Global. This time last year Nokia managed to shift more handsets than HTC, Sony, OnePlus and Google which is no mean feat for a brand that had lain dormant for four years. The success is deserved too: we’ve been pretty positive about the majority of reborn Nokia phones that have arrived at our offices, with the Nokia 7 Plus getting a particularly strong four-star review.

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