Nokia 603 Is Latest Symbian Belle Phone

While Symbian may be on its last legs, it has not stopped

Nokia from releasing a wave of new handsets, with the Nokia 603 the latest in

the range.

We’ve been playing with the Nokia 700 recently and the new

603 also runs the latest version of Symbian called Belle. It is targeted at

those taking the smartphone plunge for the first time.

The Nokia 603 has a 1GHz processor, 3.5in screen with Clear

Black technology and a resolution of 640 x 360, a five megapixel camera with

digital zoom and 720p video recording capabilities.

Nokia 603

The phone will come in black or white and those looking to

stand out from the crowd will be able to do so, with six swappable rear covers

(red, green, black, white, yellow and purple in case you were wondering.)

The handset will come with 2GB of internal memory, expandable

up to 32GB via an external microSD card slot. It will weigh just 110g and

measures 113 x 57 x 12mm. The 603 has Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, microUSB and


The handset is due to arrive towards the last quarter of

2011 and will cost €200 (£175) unlocked.

Nokia also launched the funky-looking Luna Bluetooth Headset

which is compatible with any Bluetooth device and can also pair via NFC with a range

of Nokia handsets including the 700 and 603.

Nokia 603

The headset is available in black, blue, pink, green and

white and can connect to two devices at once using multipoint. Again the Luna

Bluetooth Headset is set to arrive towards the end of 2011 and will cost €69


Source: Nokia