Nokia 3310 discount lets you go retro for less than £40

If you rue the existence of smartphones and long for the days when Snake was the ultimate thumb-twiddling pastime, we’ve got a deal for you.

The rebooted Nokia 3310 feature phone is now available for a newly discounted price of  £38.99m which is well below the £50 R.R.P.

It’s also the cheapest price we’ve been able to find the handset for, save for a few fake models on eBay selling for £25 – proceed at your own peril.

The offer is available right now with Argos, although it’s not clear how permanent this deal is. As such, act quickly if you’re keen on snapping up a Nokia 3310.

Buy Now: Nokia 3310 at Argos for just £38.99

The original Nokia 3310 was launched in the year 2000 and quickly became one of the world’s most popular phones, selling 126 million units worldwide.

This popularity spurred Finnish firm HMD to utilise its Nokia brand license and create a rebooted version of the Nokia 3310, which launched earlier this year.

The modernised Nokia 3310 features a 2.4-inch colour screen, Bluetooth, and a T9-style keyboard. But the headline feature is the fact that it runs Snake, the classic game made famous by its inclusion on early (and ubiquitous) Nokia handsets.

Buy Now: Nokia 3310 at Argos for just £38.99

The bad news is that we weren’t very impressed by the Nokia 3310 when we reviewed it, awarding it a measly 2/5 score.

While we were pleased with the great battery life and nostalgia-inducing design, we bemoaned the high price, the terrible version of Snake, and the outdated features.

Here’s our verdict, written at the full £50 review price: “Avoid the hype – this is nostalgia exploited in the worst way possible.”

Still, if you’re absolutely set on buying a Nokia 3310 then this bargain pricing is the best way to do it right now.

Buy Now: Nokia 3310 at Argos for just £38.99

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What do you think of the Nokia 3310 reboot? And have you spotted any great tech deals recently? Let us know in the comments.