The Nintendo Switch just surpassed another classic console – is the Wii in its sights?

The Nintendo Switch juggernaut is showing no signs of slowing. The Japanese gaming giant announced its hybrid home/handheld device has just surpassed another of its classic consoles.

The 3.19 million Switch consoles sold worldwide during the last quarter brings the Switch to over 22.86 million overall. That’s more than the Nintendo GameCube managed in its lifetime.

The GameCube enjoyed a fruitful six-year run on the shelves, from 2001-2007, during which it shipped 21.74m units. The Switch does have a ways to go become catching the Gamecube’s software tally though, with 208.57m compared to 111.10m thus far (via Geekwire).

The Switch’s momentum looks set to continue with the forthcoming launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu/ Let’s Go! Eevee prior to the Christmas season. The company will also receive a massive boost in hardware and software sales during the Black Friday week sales; although there are likely to be limited discounts available on the consoles themselves.

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The Switch surpassed the Nintendo Wii U after around one year on sale and is rapidly approaching doubling the 13 million the ill-fated console shipped during his run. Beyond that, the Nintendo 64 is still ahead of the Switch, with 32.93 lifetime sales and 224.97 million games sold.

The all-time leader is naturally the original Wii console, which leads the way with 101.63 million consoles and 920.38 million games over the course its lifetime. Nintendo would probably consider the Switch a success if it gets half way towards these numbers, which will likely never be topped.

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