Nintendo reportedly developing educational Android tablet

Nintendo is reportedly working on an Android tablet for educational

games for children, but some of the classic characters will cameo.


to a Nintendo of America software engineer by the name of Nando

Monterazo, Nintendo is developing an educational Android tablet.

Monterazo published a series of tweets about the alleged Nintendo tablet, all of which have since been deleted.


with a tablet of Nintendo, the system is based on Android, fully

modified and unified as a database of the tablet #Android”
, tweeted


He explained that Nintendo’s tablet will be

“primarily focused on schools” before adding that it is a “tablet with

educational games for children with Nintendo characters.”


added that he’s currently testing the tablet’s “communication

environment”. It could well be that Nintendo is working on a

child-friendly tablet similar to the Leapfrog tablets like the Leapster

GS Explorer

Nintendo could use the Wii U gamepad as the basis

for its tablet design as well, perhaps a little more ruggedized for

younger children to use.

However, despite the strong Nintendo ties, it seems the Android tablet will not run any NES, SNES or Game Boy titles.


people will be wondering if games ‘NES’, ‘SNES’ or ‘Game Boy’ the

tablet will not have these games, educational games only! #Tablet”.


contacted about the rumoured educational Android tablet, Nintendo

declined to offer any insights and just gave the usual rumours line as


“Nintendo does not comment on rumours or speculation.”

Nintendo would also not confirm whether Monterazo is a company employee, which could validate the tablet rumour.


a device would be a significant move for Nintendo, which has

historically resisted a move into the mobile market, despite increased

pressure from investors advising Nintendo to port games to iOS and

Android apps.

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