Nintendo Refreshes Wii Console & Promises Price Cut

Earlier today we saw Sony’s bid to inject some new life into

its PS3 and PSP by cutting their prices. Now Nintendo is looking to do something

similar with the Wii console.

Nintendo is promising a smaller Wii console is coming in

time for the Christmas market and will bring with it a smaller price tag.

Reports in the press today say that Nintendo has yet to announce the price

tag or where the new Wii console will be available, outside of the UK.

The new Wii will be streamlined into a smaller white plastic

box and the Wii logo has been rotated through 90 degrees to hint at a

horizontal orientation when sitting next to your TV.

Nintendo Wii Family Bundle

The new Wii will come as part of a Family Edition bundle with the

Wii Remote Plus controller, nunchuck and copies of Wii Party and Wii Sports.

The new console won’t be compatible with GameCube games or controllers, as is

the case with the current generation of the console.

At E3 earlier this year, Nintendo announced the successor to

the Wii, in the (odd) shape of the Wii U. With the Wii U not due for release until the middle of next year, this

is an attempt by Nintendo to inject some life in its flagging console.

Nintendo is not new to this concept, having recently slashed

the price of its 3DS when sales were below expectation, and it has resulted in

increased sales of the handheld console, with Nintendo hoping for a similar

result with the cut-price Wii.

Source: The Daily Telegrah