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Nintendo needs to make this unofficial GameCube mini legit – here’s why

A Texan YouTuber has built a fully-functional Nintendo GameCube mini using a gummy candy container and a Nintendo Wii motherboard, and it looks awesome.

YouTuber Madmorda showed off the adorable console in a video last month. The miniature GameCube runs off a motherboard recycled from a Nintendo Wii and trimmed down to the size of a Game Boy Colour cartridge.

It features four 3.5mm headphone jack ports for connecting GameCube controllers, as well as a USB Type-A port to support the Wii U’s GameCube adapter, making multiplayer gaming a seamless experience. A Micro USB port is embedded in the back for the power source. Madmoda runs the console off a $10 mobile battery bank she claims lasts several hours use.

We here at Trusted Towers have been clamoring for Nintendo to release more mini re-releases of its classic consoles since the company launched its NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini consoles. The SNES Classic Mini is the perfect gift for any retro gaming fan and is currently available for a mere £100.  As we noted in our in-depth SNES Classic Mini review: “It’s A lovingly made retro console that’s well worth the money.”

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We’d love to see Nintendo give the GameCube the same treatment as a result. If you agree the baby console is adorable and want to see more miniature Nintendo goodness Madmoda also happens to be the channel responsible for the “World’s Smallest Working GameCube Controller”.

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In a video from last January, the YouTuber uses a novelty key-ring as the base for a tiny, fully-functional controller. The video demonstrates the controller’s impressive capabilities with a game of Super Mario Sunshine, backing up Madmoda’s claim that the mod has “the full scope of what a GameCube controller can do”.

She does point out that she wouldn’t necessarily use the controller to play Smash Bros. but, aside from the size of the buttons, the controller seems just as capable in its performance as its full-sized Nintendo counterpart.

If you are interested in building your own miniature GameCube, Madmorda has documented her journey for both the console and the controller on BitBuilt.