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Nintendo Miitomo app now available everywhere

Nintendo’s first ever mobile app, Miitomo, is now available to download everywhere.

The Kyoto-based videogames giant released Miitomo in its native Japan on March 17. Now it’s available in the UK and beyond for iOS and Android.

It’s a hotly-awaited launch. Nintendo announced that it was entering the mobile app game around this time last year, partnering up with Japanese mobile games developer DeNA.

Nintendo has only ever developed software for its own hardware up to now, which explains why Miitomo is such a landmark release.

So what exactly is Miitomo? It’s not actually a game, as such. Rather, it’s a casual social network of sorts, all based around Nintendo’s familiar Mii avatars, which have been hanging around since the days of the original Wii.

Once you’ve set up your Mii using Nintendo’s clever Mii Maker tool – or imported your existing Mii using a QR code – you’ll be asked a bunch of questions about your tastes.

The answers to these questions feed into how your Mii is portrayed, and your interactions with your friends. You can add said friends directly through Bluetooth, over your My Nintendo account, or over Facebook and Twitter.

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All interactions with friends provide shiny rewards of some kind, though it’s impossible to communicate directly.

Intrigued? Then Miitomo is available to download for free now.


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