A Nintendo Game Boy Classic could be the next retro redo

Considering the staggering popularity of the NES and SNES Classic Mini consoles, why wouldn’t Nintendo continue re-releasing consoles from yesteryear?

Earlier this summer, Nintendo filed a trademark for its N64 controller prompting hopes the 64-bit console might be next.

Now the Japanese giant has apparently trademarked the design of the 1989 Game Boy handheld.

The twitter account @trademark_bot (via Ninten-Switch) unearthed the filing earlier this month, but it was filed back on September 15.

Could this mean a Game Boy Classic Mini will be Nintendo’s 2018 retro console release rather than then N64?

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The patent itself is rather broad and describes uses including home video game consoles and programs for smartphones.

It also covers smartphone cases/covers and accessories like key holders, necklaces and watches.

So it could be that Nintendo is simply attempting to market the design of the Game Boy rather than re-release the console.

Would it be a good idea?

However, given the iconic library of Game Boy games sitting in Nintendo’s archives, there’d be huge demand for a retro device gamers could pick up and put down without having to plug it into a television.

Some of the most popular Raspberry Pi-based projects have placed retro emulators into Game Boy-like shells, so an official launch from Nintendo would get a big thumbs up from us.

Would you like Nintendo to do the Game Boy or the N64 next? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.