Nintendo classic Duck Hunt reimagined in VR and it looks amazing

The Nintendo 8-bit classic Duck Hunt now exists in virtual reality. What a time to be alive.

The iconic, 30-year-old NES title has been recreated for play on the Oculus Rift by 21-year-old computer science student Joseph Delgado.

Delgado, who built the game, which enables movement inside a 360-degree environment, using the Oculus Rift DK 2.

Using a custom Python script, he was able to convert the 2D pixels into 3D models and create a playable experience in less than 24 hours.

Replacing the classic Light Gun (which still appears on screen) is a hand-tracking Razer Hydras controller, with a 3D printed base-station strapped to the head to limit latency.

The game, built for Global Game Jam 2016, has been re-envisioned into a 7-day challenge, which gets gradually more difficult with faster-moving ducks and tougher targets.

In a blog post, the Jersey Institute of Technology student writes: “Ducks spawn at random spawn points placed behind bushes and tree branches so they can’t be seen spawning, and then fly around in a radial pattern around the field the player is in. Shooting a duck nets you 50 points, and each remaining shot at the end of the round nets you another 50 points.

“Each day you have a goal for ducks shot. If you miss that goal, it’s game over! If you manage to last all 7 days, you win the game. Pretty simple!”

A new game lobby will present users with goals for the day, while also allowing users to practice on an empty liquor bottle resting on a crate. The Hub also features a skeet shooting game.

You can learn more about Delgado’s methods in the blog and witness the gameplay in the video below.

Delgado now wants to create a version for the HTC Vive Pre, so someone get this lad a development kit.

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