Nintendo 3DS Users Get Access To The Cloud

Nintendo launched the 3DS earlier this year with high hopes, but with the

line-up of games failing to live up to expectations and issues with the 3D

effect, sales of the handheld console have so far been disappointing for the

Japanese company.

Recently Nintendo slashed the price of the console by a

third and subsequently apologised to early adopters for cutting the price so

soon after launch. Now, in another bid to attract customers, it has teamed up

with Wi-Fi provider The Cloud to give users free access to the internet and SpotPass in the UK.

Nintendo 3DS The Cloud

3DS users will automatically connect to the 50,000 Wi-Fi

hotspots across the UK when in range but users will need the 3DS browser to

access the web. Most hotspots are found in pubs, restaurants leisure

facilities. If you don’t have the browser on your device, it can be downloaded

for free by doing a manual system update.

As well as browsing the web, users will get access to 2D and

3D video content as well as free software via the SpotPass system.

Nintendo 3DS The Cloud

“Nintendo 3DS continues to evolve and add new features

all the time. The Cloud partnership represents another exciting step that will

continue to expand its appeal and encourage owners to take their Nintendo 3DS

systems with them wherever they go, offering different and unique experiences

everyday,” said Dawn Paine, Marketing Director at Nintendo UK.

While current 3DS owners will welcome the additional feature,

we don’t know if this announcement will entice others to part with their money. Let us know what you think?