Nintendo 3DS Struggling To Meet Targets

Nintendo is likely to fall far short of the expected sales

figures for its 3DS handheld console, prompting shares in the Japanese company to fall by 6

per cent last night.

At a pre-Tokyo Game Show event, Nintendo’s president Satoru

Iwata announced a raft of new software titles as well as future updates to

allow 3D video capture and an upgraded Street Pass

Mii Plaza

and eShop.

However Nintendo is expected to fall some way short of the

16 million sales target for 2011, despite it slashing the price of the

console by 40 per cent a couple of months ago.

Analysts believe that Nintendo could miss its target by as

much as 3.5m units as the 3D-craze predicted by many has failed to materialise.

Competition from smartphones and tablets has also had an effect on sales

figures for the handheld console.

Nintendo 3DS

“From the end of this year to the beginning of next, we

are planning the kind of extensive line-up that has probably never been seen

before in the history of video games,” Iwata said. “We will make an

all-out effort to see that the 3DS sells enough to become the successor to the


Among the titles will be new Mario games as well as a range

of games aimed specifically at women.

The 3DS has failed to take off in the same way as its

predecessor did, and Nintendo will struggle to recapture that market as

smartphones and tablets become more and more sophisticated – not to mention the

imminent arrival of the PS Vita.