Nintendo 2DS cut to under $100 in United States

Nintendo really, really wants gamers in the United States to buy a Nintendo 2DS handheld console, judging by this latest price cut.

From August 30 the Japanese giant will trim more than 20 per cent off the price of its slab-like device, taking it from $129 to just $99.

Those taking advantage of the greatly improved price point will still get Mario Kart 7 bundled in for good measure.

There’s no news yet on potential UK price cut, but TrustedReviews has contacted Nintendo for an update on whether it plans to dip below the £89.99 tag.

The 2DS, in part released as a response to the widespread rejection of the auto-stereoscopic 3DS, allows all 3DS (and original DS) games to be played, but in 2D.

It also eschews the folding clamshell form-factor that’s been a hallmark of the DS series.

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The price cut outlines Nintendo’s need to shift consoles as it begins the process of phasing out the Wii U and outlining its first smartphone games


The company is also developing its next generation NX platform, on which the very future of the company rests.

Nintendo is yet to name a successor to Satoru Iwata who sadly passed away last month.