Nikon Unveils Eight New Coolpix Compacts


IFA coming up next week, all the major camera manufacturers seem to be trying

to get the jump on each other with new product announcements. Yesterday it was

Canon with its new

IXUS and

PowerShot models.


we’ve already seen Sony announce new

NEX and

DSLR models and now it’s Nikon’s turn with a boat load of new Coolpix models.



 Nikon P7100


P71000 is the follow-up to the P7000. The major addition to the P7100 seems to be the addition of a tiltable

3in LCD screen on the rear, which we have to question the real value of

compared, to a fully articulated screen.


P7100 keeps the wide-angle 7.1x zoom Nikkor lens with 28mm to 200mm range (35mm

format equivalent) and 10.1 megapixel CCD sensor of its predecessor.


will be able to record 720p video at 24fps and the P7100 will set you back £499

when it arrives on 22 September.



 Nikon AW100


up is Nikon’s first foray into the world of rugged cameras, and as if to drive

home the message it’s making the AW100 available in camouflage as well as black

and the slightly more conspicuous orange.


to depths of 10m, shockproof from heights of up to 1.5m and freeze-proof for

temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius, it certainly has rugged credentials.


also has built-in GPS, an electronic compass and built-in world map. It has a

Nikkor wide-angle 5x optical zoom lens, Full HD video recording, Easy Panorama

mode and blur reduction features.


rugged AW100 will set you back £329.99 when it arrives on 8 September.



 Nikon S1200pj


S1200pj is the latest Coolpix model to feature an integrated projector and

offers a boost of 20 lumens over previous models as well as instant connection

with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to help you share your pics.


S1200pj has a 14 megapixel sensor, 720p video recording with stereo sound, a

Nikkor wide-angle 5x lens and anti-blur features. It will be available in black

or pink on 22 September for £399.99.

Coolpix S100

 Nikon S100


S100 is a compact for the more style conscious and is available in black, red

and pink and features a large 3.5in OLED and a slim 18.1mm wide body.


S100 features a 16 megapixel sensor, allows for Full HD recording and features

a 3D shooting mode which combines two images from different positions to create

a 3D photo which can be viewed on a compatible TV.


S100 will set you back £249 when it arrives on 1 September.

Coolpix S6200

 Nikon S6200


has announced two new super-zoom cameras. First up is the “ultra-compact”

 and “colourful” S6200 which features a 16 megapixel sensor combined with

a Nikkor wide-angle 10x lens. It has an ISO range up to 3,200 and comes with

the usual array of effects and filters.


S6200 will come in white, red, black, blue, silver and pink when it arrives on 22 September

costing £179.99.

 Coolpix S8200

Nikon S8200

The second new super-zoom is the S8200. It is a bit

more powerful combining the 16 megapixel back illuminated CMOS sensor with a

14x zoom lens. It also offers Full HD video recording, anti-blur technology and

again all the effects you could want.

The S8200 comes in

black, red, silver and white, arrives on 22 September and will cost £279.99.

Coolpix S4150

 Nikon S4150


from Nikon today are two entry-level models. The S4150 combines a 14 megapixel

CCD sensor in a slim body which is just 20.3mm wide. It also has One-Touch 720p

video recording and a 5x optical zoom lens.


S4150 will be available in red, black, purple and silver when it goes on sale for £139.99 on 1


 Coolpix S6150

Nikon S6150

The S6150 boosts

the megapixels up to 16 which is combined with a Nikkor 7x zoom lens that

boasts a 28-196mm optical zoom. There has also a dedicated movie recording

button included to make it easy to capture 720p video.

The S6150 will also

go on sale on 1 September and will cost £159.99 and comes in four colours:

violet, black, red and pin.

Phew. Well, there

you have Nikon’s latest offerings and hopefully there will be something for

most people looking for a compact camera among the eight new Coolpix models.

Our resident camera expert, Audley Jarvis, will be going hands-on with these

models later on today, so be sure to check back later on to get our initial