Nike Amp+ iPod Band Hits Shelves

For the crazy runners amongst you.

While the concept of running as a pleasurable way of getting fit completely baffles me the Nike+iPod has been incredibly popular and now one of its most anticipated accessories is finally here…

The ‘Nike Amp+’ wristband is an (admittedly beautiful) add-on which communicates directly with the Nike+iPod running system providing voice feedback on time spent, distance covered, calories burnt and pace as well as direct control of the iPod itself.

A heart monitor, ‘Power Song’ access button (Eye of the Tiger?!) and durable polyurethane strap – coupled with water resistance up to 50m – provide further useful (again, if you ”like” running) options. Finally, the LED shows the time so the Amp+ also doubles as a rather funky looking watch.

The Amp+ goes on sale immediately in the US for just $79 (£40) and is available in black, blue, orange and red finishes. It sails completely over my head, but as soon as someone starts making proper watches that look like this I’m in!

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