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Night Terrors turns your home into a survival horror game

Games can transport you to whole new worlds, but for real scares, this one takes place right in your home.

It’s called Night Terrors and it turns your home into the battleground of a survival horror game. All you need is a phone, the game and the lights switched off.

It maps your home using your phone’s accelerometer and creates a custom game based on the layout. Wherever you play, no two games will be alike. Then you wander around your house in the dark, looking through your phone’s screen and watching it overlay all manner of horrors through the magic of augmented reality.

You find your way using your phone’s LED flash light. Monsters and ghosts appear on screen, complete with sound from your mobile’s speakers. It even predicts your movements, and encourages you to go a certain way for a scarier experience.

You’re completely in the hands of the game makers. Maybe they’ll switch off the light and play some heavy breathing through the speakers just to put the willies up you.

“In Night Terrors, every augmented element is photographed in order to compost elements and match lighting in the players’ environment,” the team wrote on the Indiegogo page. “With control over the device’s LED, the lighting conditions of both element and environment can be manipulated to create a perfect, extraordinarily frightening match.”

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Check out the promo video at the bottom of the page. Sleep tight!

It’s a genuinely new way of making a scary game, and for that we applaud it. It’s raised over $25,000 of a $70,000 target, and still has 35 days to go.