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NHS could give Apple Health its own stamp of approval

The NHS, pride of Britain and inspirer of transatlantic envy, wants to start validating health apps with its own stamp of approval.

A new NHS ‘kitemark’ could separate the tech from the tat in the world of health apps – Apple Health included.

The scheme would help users make good choices about which apps are safe to use, and give doctors a go-to list of virtual fitness fare to recommend to their patients.

The plans also detail a ‘paperless’ change-up for the NHS, whereby health records would be accessible on users’ smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Also included in the system would be an option to include an e-version of the red book that records immunisations for newborns.

Tim Kelsey, NHS’s National Director for Patients and Information, said: “New mothers will now be able to carry their red book around with them on their smart phone and tablet as the NHS moves towards offering digital personal child health records.”

This will put an end to worrying abut leaving your child’s information at home when going for a review, vaccination, or emergency treatment.”

Digitally available health records are tipped by the document for a 2017 launch, with wider electronic access to the health system, pending patient consent, will be available in 2018.

Apple already has its own fitness ecosystem – Apple Health. There are also similar offerings from competitor firms, including Samsung’s Digital Health, Google Fit, and Sony Lifelog.

Should the NHS plans go ahead, it will see all of the above put under scrutiny to ensure patients aren’t opting into sloppy software.

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Via: BBC