The world’s first 8K TV channel has just gone live

The world’s first 8K TV channel has just gone live in Japan. Broadcaster NHK launched the channel, which is called NHK BS8K, on December 1, kicking things off with an an information broadcast showcasing some of the content viewers can look forward to, such as concerts and art broadcasts.

It’s a genuine landmark moment, and NHK says BS8K will broadcast TV shows and films domestically for just over 12 hours a day, between the hours of 10am and 10:10pm local time. The broadcaster has also launched a UHD channel, called NHK BS4K.

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“The formats can only be enjoyed on certain TV monitors or with external tuners,” NHK reports. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was shown on launch night, with the BBC reporting that NHK asked Warner Bros to scan the original film negatives in 8K for the new channel.

“NHK BS8 is positioned as the flagship channel for enjoying the highest quality visual images, 22.2 channel audio, and most attractive content as well,” said NHK. “The programs will provide viewers with a sense of full immersion in each scene.”

It added: “The core content will also include TV dramas and nature programs and, in cooperation with NASA, scenes of the Earth shot from the International Space Station.”

Samsung released its first 8K TV − the Samsung QE85Q900R − earlier this year and, stunning as it may be, the biggest issue with the format is that there’s current very very little 8K content actually out there. 4K is only just starting to catch on and, in reality, it will be years before we a similar thing start to happen with 8K.

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Still, this will go down as an extremely significant moment, and NHK says it’s aiming to broadcast the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 8K in 2020.

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