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NFL player hacked and it was the most costly tweet ever sent

We’ve all made embarrassing social media posts that have left us red faced, but has anything posted on Twitter ever cost you millions?

That’s what happened to NFL prospect Lamery Tunsil on Thursday night after a video of him smoking marijuana through a gas mask bong was posted to his personal Twitter account moments before the draft began.

Tunsil, at one point projected as the number one overall pick slipped to 13, where he was picked up by the Miami Dolphins as several teams wiped him from their draft board.


All’s well that ends well, you may be thinking. The kid got drafted in the first round, right? Wrong.

NFL prospects are paid on a sliding scale, depending on how high they’re picked.

Estimates on Friday have the former Ole Miss offensive tackle losing up to $8-12 million dollars.

We think that’s probably the most expensive tweet ever sent. We probably shouldn’t even mention the embarrassment he must have been feeling as this all played out in real time on live TV around the world.

However, it’s not like the kid sent it on purpose. He was hacked.

The video is believed to have been recorded 2-years-ago, but you have to question the smarts of an NFL hopeful who keeps something like that in his camera roll.
Someone was clearly out to get Tunsil, whose humiliating evening wasn’t over. Texts between him and a coach, in which details of a money exchange to pay his mother’s utility bills, were posted to his Instagram account.


If you know anything about the world of unpaid labour that is college sports, you’ll know ‘student athletes’ can’t even be  treated to a free lunch.

This too could land Tunsil, not to mention his coaches and alma mater, in a lot of hot water.

Throughout Friday, #LaremyTunsilsPasswords, trended on Twitter. Laremy’s account was nowhere to be found.