Next Android Update To Be Called Jelly Bean

From Cupcake through to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), Google has

remained consistent with its Android naming convention and reports suggest that

is set to remain unchanged in the next version of the software.

According to a “trusted source” within Google who spoke to

Next, the next version of Android – after the unifying Ice Cream Sandwich – will be called Jelly


In order to keep to its progressively alphabetic naming

system, Google had a small pool of sweet treats beginning with J to choose

from. While the Jelly Bean name has yet to be finalised, it is the favourite at

the moment within the Mountain View


Google has a pretty limited list of treats it could choose

from however, with other options likely to have been Jam Tart, Jelly or of

course the perennial favourite, Jalapeno Chocolate Cream Cake.

Android Jelly Bean

The source also said that some of the “game-changing stuff”

initially said to come with ICS has been pushed back to the subsequent version,

though what those features are remains a mystery. A second source said that ICS will still be a major release

with big architectural, functional, and design changes included.

While ICS has been officially announced, when we will see

the first device running the OS is unclear, but an October /November release date was hinted at by Eric Schmidt last week – with

the Samsung-made Nexus Prime the likely launch handset.

Source: This is my Next