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New Watch Dogs trailer suggests better graphics than originally thought

Ubisoft has released a new Watch Dogs trailer that suggests the game’s graphics will be better than the gaming community originally thought.

There was a huge outrage when Ubisoft released the Watch Dogs story trailer along with the release date earlier this month.

From the looks of that trailer, fans and professionals alike suggested the game had suffered a major graphics downgrade from the original content presented at E3 2013.

However, Ubisoft Creative Director Jonathan Morin has since claimed that the story trailer “wasn’t a good graphics reference” and shouldn’t been taken to be as such.

To help combat the claims of graphics downgrades, Ubisoft has now released a lengthier “Welcome to Chicago” trailer that focuses on the technology behind the game.

“Drive into the Chicago playground with this ingame-captured trailer, showing the game’s depth and diversity”, reads the YouTube blurb.

This time around, you can more clearly see the next-generation graphics engine that has been specifically built for Watch Dogs to create the game’s hi-tech version of Chicago.

“Across historical landmarks and familiar neighbourhoods, the city is rendered by a powerful new graphics engine specially built for Watch Dogs – rich dynamic lighting, weather and physics effect every element of the game world to create a vivid, living city.”

Ubisoft focuses on the myriad NPC characters that you can encounter in the game. There are apparently over 3000 character kits used in the game, and the people you come across will vary by time and location.

Of course, the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions will include more NPCs than the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions thanks to better processing power.

“Watch Dogs brings new life to the countless civilians populating the city streets. Each citizen has a unique identity and reacts intelligently to the world around them. Everything and everyone is connected,” added Ubisoft. “Any of these people could lead to exciting secrets or unexpected events.”

Watch Dogs is out on May 27, following a delay from its original November 2013 release date.

Ubisoft has already confirmed that the delay has “made a big difference” to the final game, allowing it to include several systems that were originally being save for the sequel.

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The story trailer that caused so much outrage in the community:

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