New Sunset Overdrive trailer demos Chaos Squad multiplayer

Microsoft has released a brand new multiplayer Sunset Overdrive trailer, showing off the game’s 8-player co-op battles.

Sunset Overdrive will launch exclusively for the Xbox One on October 28, so until then Microsoft and developer Insomniac Games is drip feeding us with new content.

The latest Sunset Overdrive trailer is focused on the multiplayer, specifically called Chaos Squad where teams of up to eight players join to tackle a variety of special missions.

It’s here – your first look at Sunset Overdrive’s co-op multiplayer experience: Chaos Squad! Experience the multiplayer of this 8-player co-op mode where players vote on and complete different missions across Sunset City,” reads the YouTube blurb.

By heading over to one of the futuristic-looking photo booth scattered across the map, you’ll be able to enter into Chaos Squad mode, taking your customised, built up single player character with you into multiplayer.

Once you’ve completed a few waves of user voted missions, you’ll have to tackle the last battle called Night Defence, with the difficulty adjusted according to the missions you’ve picked previously in Chaos Squad.

“The culmination of Chaos Squad, called Night Defence, will put your squad against an onslaught of mutants bent on stealing your stash of Overcharge… and your lives.”

If you beat Night Defence, you and your team will be rewarded with content like cash, vanity items or even new weapons.

What’s great is that you can then take all that swag you’ve earned back into the single-player game to use there too.

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