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New Sony smartwatch teasers litter Twitter, pictures leaked

Sony has released a series of tweets teasing the imminent launch of a new Sony SmartWatch at the Mobile Asia Expo 2013 next week.

Using the official Sony Xperia Twitter account, Sony has sent out a string of messages with the hashtags #itstime and #MAE13, but has now released a potential picture of the upcoming SmartWatch.

“Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock #itstime #MAE13”, read today’s tweet that contained the picture of the Sony SmartWatch.

Although it is highly doubtful, if it is a new iteration of the device, it certainly look very similar to the existing Sony Xperia SmartWatch. The only thing that makes us wonder is that this device is slimmer and has a different coloured strap.

Sony hasn’t giving any explicit details, especially for the specs of the supposedly upcoming device, but earlier tweeted that it will be “the only wearable device with 200 #firstgen apps on Google Play and growing”.

Starting earlier this week, Sony began emitting wearable smart device related tweets, reminiscing about its existing smart watch iterations and original wearable tech like the Sony Walkman.

“We launched the world’s first ‘smart’ watch in 2007 #itstime #MAE13,” Sony tweeted on June 20.

“Wearable tech is in our DNA. Remember WALKMAN, now…? #itstime #MAE13,” read another tweet earlier that day.

MAE 2013 starts next week and Sony has a media event planned for Tuesday. Given the sheer amount of SmartWatch and wearable tech related tweets the Sony Xperia account is pushing out prior to that event, we strongly suspect Sony will launch its new SmartWatch there.

The Japanese electronics company even released a tweet stating that a third of all smartphone users were yearning for smart wrist wear, which it says is data coming from research company BI Intelligence.

Sony may be making a fairly smart move launching its new SmartWatch next week, especially as Apple, Microsoft, Google, LG and Samsung are all supposedly working on their own smartwatch or wearable tech devices. That’s not even including Google Glass.

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Via: Xperia Blog