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Sonos plotting Dolby Atmos satellite speakers and cheaper Core Sub?

Sonos had a massive last couple of years, with arguably two of its best-ever products hitting the market, the smart Sonos One and the Sonos Beam sound bar.

Now the company is floating a number of potential new products with a view to figuring out what its adoring public would splash the cash on next.

In a survey sent to its registered home theatre users, the company is pitching a pair of Dolby Atmos-enabled satellite speakers, priced at $700, that are designed to be paired with the Sonos Beam and/or Sonos Sub.

“Place a pair of these wireless speakers behind you to create an immersive soundscape for your music, TV shows and movies,” the company writes about the hypothetical product, which takes on the same appearance as the Sonos One. (via Reddit and ZatsNotFunny).

“Featuring Dolby Atmos, these speakers project sound to the sides and above you so you feel completely enveloped. They also add more bass if your sounder doesn’t have a dedicated subwoofer.”

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Speaking of subs, the company is also floating a new Sonos Core Sub, which is more affordable than the existing model. This suggestion curried favour among the Reddit users chatting about the survey.

Priced at $399, rather than the $699 price point for the Sonos Sub, the company writes: “This compared, wireless subwoofer adds more bass to your music, TV shows, movies and games. It’s small size makes it easy to tuck away if needed.”

The company also suggests a Premium Sub for $799, offering “thunderous” bass. Of course, none of these products are official yet and may never arrive. However, it’s clear Sonos has some big plans to expand its line-up.

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