New Panasonic Lumix G X Lenses Spotted

Hot on the heels of the announcement of its new Lumix G X range of premium micro

four thirds lenses, we spotted two potential new additions to the

lineup at Panasonic’s booth at IFA. The two new models were in prototype

form but we were told they were potential designs for future models

arriving in 2012.

The first was a telephoto zoom with a focal length range of 35-100mm

while the second was a wideangle zoom with a range of 12-35mm. Both will

employ Panasonic’s Power OIS image stabilisation and will have the

powered zoom of the existing X series lenses, allowing you to zoom

smoothly while shooting video.

Panasonic X Series 35-100mm

The lenses were still very much in prototype phase, with no word on

aperture ranges, no lever for the powered zoom and even the focal ranges

were stickers, but it was strongly suggested these would be the basic

designs for future lenses in the range. The prototypes also didn’t

appear to fold flat as on the 14-42mm X lens.

Panasonic X Series 12-35mm

These lenses will no doubt excite those that were somewhat disappointed

that the current X series lenses only offer the same zoom range as the

existing standard lenses for Panasonic’s micro four thirds cameras (in

fact, the X series telephoto zoom has a shorter range). Unless you were

particularly taken by the smaller bodies of these X lenses there was

little reason to upgrade. The prototype wide angle zoom, in particular,

will be a tempting proposition for an everyday lens.

Panasonic X Series 14-42mm

Announced last week the X series of lenses are the new premium lens

range for Panasonic’s micro four thirds compact system camera range (models such as the Panasonic Lumix G3 and Panasonic Lumix GF3).

They offer inbuilt Power OIS image stabilisation, premium build, powered

zooms operated by a lever on the side, and more compact bodies than

existing lenses. Available in focal length ranges of 12-42mm and

45-175mm, the 12-42mm model has a collapsible design that makes it 58%

smaller when turned off than its predecessor. These two current models

will be available in October for around £350 and £400 respectively.