New Opera Mobile Browsers Unleased

Say hello to Mini 2.0 and Mobile 8.60.

While Firefox remains my favourite browser for a laptop or PC, Opera has rapidly been gaining momentum. Its Beta 9 browser is a beauty and its Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers for mobile devices have really become defacto standards. So all the more reason to celebrate a dual update to these latter two.


First up is Opera Mini 2.0 which can run on almost any Java enabled phone. Most key in its major improvements is the new found ability to download web content directly to handsets. That can be anything from images to MP3s to web pages themselves and is an indicator of the more reasonable surfing charges that are beginning to proliferate mobile tariffs.

Furthermore, a new (and highly descriptive) system called ‘Browser-to-SMS’ cleverly improves mobile commerce by automatically sending SMS invoices to your device for any purchase. On your mobile phone bill the SMS then shows up detailing the seller and the price you paid. New skins, multisearch functionality (anyone who uses FF, Opera or – dare I say it for fear of a curse – IE7 beta, will know how useful this is) and adding bookmarks to speed dial are also all a part of Mini 2.0.


As for Mobile 8.60, which works on Symbian’s S60 OS, it can also add bookmarks to speed dial, new skins and save images as well as incorporating a number of features than Mini already supported: auto-completion for URL entry, a password manager and individual zoom settings for each browser window. The snag for Mobile 8.60 as ever, however, is the $29 price tag…

You can grab Opera Mini 2.0 here and – if you’re prepared to stump up the cash – Mobile 8.60 here. Now if only Mozilla would get its portable act together…


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