New official Star Wars app allows selfies with a Jedi master

We’re less than six months from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the obligatory companion app has arrived. However, here’s a surprise of “I Am Your Father” proportions: this one actually looks pretty good.

The new, free and official Star Wars app for iOS and Android arrives with a veritable galaxy of features.

There’s an official newsfeed, a whopping selection of shareable GIFs, trailers and a countdown timer for The Force Awakens’ theatrical debut. You can also see what happened on this day in Star Wars history.

However, it gets better. You can take selfies with a number of characters including Yoda, Princess Leia and frozen-in-carbon Han Solo.

You can even engage in a little Force training thanks to a mini game, where you must use the phone’s accelerometer to fend off lasers in the style of Luke in Episode IV: A New Hope. There’s a fun augmented-reality mode too.

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Finally, and this might be the best bit, there’s a weather forecast that likens the temperature to the conditions on a planet from the Star Wars galaxy

So right now here in South Florida, I’m baking like the poor folks on Tatooine. In the UK, meanwhile, it’s probably more Endor-esque. For our readers in the Arctic Circle, well, we’re sorry about the Hoth-like weather you keep getting..

This launch is the first Star Wars app that isn’t actually gaming focused. It’s free, so why not give it a spin today? Check it out in the video below.

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