New Moto X leak teases improved smartphone security

As the Moto X (2014) slowly fades into obscurity, all eyes are on Motorola for the third-generation Moto X device.

Fortunately for fans of the series, a new leak appears to reveal a new feature set to ship on the upcoming handset.

Images acquired by news site MyDrivers seemingly show the inner workings of a third-gen Moto X.

What’s interesting is that there appears to be an empty square hole where a fingerprint sensor would normally be positioned.

The second-gen Moto X didn’t carry a fingerprint sensor, but the technology is widespread by today’s standards.

It wouldn’t be a surprise for Motorola to include biometric scanning on its 2015 flagship device, particularly as Google recently announced the upcoming Android M OS will offer fingerprint-secure Android Pay mobile payments.

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Of course, this entire leak needs to be taken with a huge pinch of salt. The origins of the images aren’t clear, and there’s also no telling whether the empty slot will actually house a fingerprint scanner.

However, summer is typically the season when leaks trickle out ahead of autumn smartphone releases, so we’d expect to begin seeing details on the Moto X 2015 emerging around now.

The second-gen Moto X launch last year in September, so it’s likely we’ll see a follow-up at a similar time this year.

Do you think Motorola should include a fingerprint scanner on the Moto X 2015? Let us know in the comments.