New MacBooks Finally Kill Off iBooks

Now available in black or white (but sadly not black AND white).

Not only are they appearing in all flavours now, but Apple’s latest MacBook range is now available in the same black and white colour variations as its uber-popular iPods.

Joining the fold today are 13.3in, 2.3Kg portable models that finally kill off the last of the iBook line. Black seems to be where it’s at too because despite being physically identical to its white brethren it is only available in top spec ($1,499).

By contrast, the more traditional Apple paint job offers a graduated route with a range of Intel Core Duo processors from 1.83 to 2GHz, an HDD up to 80GB, 1280 x 800 native widescreen resolution, iSight webcam, remote control, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth.

Weirdly, if you spec up a white 13.3in Macbook the same as a black 13.3in MacBook it still costs $150 less meaning there’s a premium out there if you want a model that will show up every scratch even imagined in its direction. Like all newly launched Apple kit both are out now but which will you choose? After all, a good university friend of mine once told me “Once you try black you never go back”… and I’m sure he was referring to MacBooks.

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