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New Mac mini hinted at by Apple leak

Apple may be preparing to launch a revamped Mac mini, according to a recent leak.

Apple’s own Bootcamp support page was updated recently, with a new supported Mac model added to the list. The thing is, that new supported Mac model was listed as the “Mac mini (Mid 2014).”

The latest Mac mini was launched back in October 2012.

Someone at Apple has clearly made a mistake here. It’s quite possible that this was simple human error, and that someone at Apple confused the newly revamped MacBook Pro range with the Mac mini.

Sure enough, the reference to a new Mac mini model has since been removed, but it’s interesting to note that there’s no mention of the new MacBook Pro line in its place.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard mention of a 2014 Mac mini refresh, either. Back in January, a Belgian retailer listed a new version of the compact computer, complete with Intel Core i7 Haswell processors as standard.

Of course, that listing also predicted a February launch, which obviously didn’t come to pass, but the tip off of a new Mac mini was said to come from reliable sources.

With Intel’s latest Haswell chips finally rolling out and prompting a 15-inch MacBook Pro refresh, maybe the long-neglected Mac mini is next. It’s long been the most affordable¬† entry-point to Apple’s polished OS X ecosystem, so we’d love to see the range kept alive.

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Via: 9to5Mac