New Low Cost Speakers from Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing is offering a new set of 2.1 speaker set for the budget conscious.

Altec Lansing has released a new set of inexpensive speakers. The three-piece XA2021s feature two wall-mounted satellites and a powered subwoofer and costs £30.

While Altec Lansing has produced large and powerful PC speaker systems, it also caters for those who prefer more modest audio setups.

The XA2021s speakers feature three–inch drivers and a 5.25in long-throw woofer. In total the set outputs 17 Watts RMS of power. The side of the woofer contains controls for power, master and subwoofer volume and also contains a headphone jack. There is also an auxiliary input jack and dual RCA cable for easy connection to most console game systems.

The XA2021s aren’t the most powerful speakers in the world but for £30 you can’t really complain. Well you could, but that would be churlish.


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