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New Kinect unveiled alongside Xbox One, can track your heartbeat

A new Kinect peripheral has been formally unveiled at Microsoft’s XboxReveal event alongside the new Xbox One, bringing a raft of new motion gaming options to the next-generation console.

Building on the strong base of the original Kinect add-on, the new Kinect motion tracking peripheral is to feature alongside all manner of the Xbox One’s new capabilities, with gaming and multimedia elements of the PS4 rival to be tackled with equal aplomb.

“Describing the new Kinect add-on as “rocket science level stuff,” Microsoft has revealed the camera and microphone equipped accessory will come with ever Xbox One console and will allow gamers to have a more natural and immersive relationship with their consoles. The Xbox One maker added: “When you’re exercising it can read your heartbeat.”

New Xbox One Kinect Features
Coming bundled with the upcoming Xbox One console, the new second-generation Kinect will see the original’s motion gaming capabilities taken to new levels of detail, with users able to have near conversation levels of audio communication with their consoles.

Featuring a 1080p Full HD wide-angle camera and an array of inbuilt microphones, the new Kinect will function with the Xbox One to allow gamers to turn on their device simply by saying “Xbox On.” Using audio and visual metrics to log users in to their own individual gamer accounts automatically, the new Kinect capabilities are vast, with users able to use motion gestures to close windows and jump between Xbox One features.

Capable of capturing content at 30 frames-per-second, the RGB camera fitted within the new Kinect also boasts Time of Flight technology.

Sporting a selection of new gesture controls, the new Kinect supports grab and pan as well as swipe up gestures. Describing the new snap features, which allow gamers to pinch close windows, Microsoft stated: “This is not only simple, but it makes it instant to get what you want.”

Xbox One Release Date and Price
Although an Xbox One price tag has yet to be confirmed, Microsoft has revealed that an Xbox One release date will see the console touch down ‘later this year’ with the console to hit retailers ‘around the world’ at the same time.

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