New iPod nano unveiled – 2012 edition is here

Apple has treated the iPod nano to a complete refresh for 2012. It’s now a much larger, more feature-complete music player than the old model. Read on for more.

The new-design 2012 iPod nano looks more like the nano of a few years ago. It’s a rectangle rather than a square an boasts a “proper” screen, rather than one the size of a postage stamp. Its display is 2.5in across, the “biggest display” that’s ever been put in a nano. The front plate also features an iPhone-like central button.

For all the extra feartures, it’s remarkably thin and light. Just 5.4mm thick, it’ll fit into the smallest of pockets and – probably – get lost. Other than music playback, the iPod nano plays video, features Bluetooth wireless and has an integrated pedometer and FM radio. Like the previous nano, the 2012 edition has a focus on fitness and comes with Nike pre-installed. And, as Apple says, “it’s really beautiful.”

The new iPod nano comes in seven shades – silver, black , purple, green, blue, yellow and red. It also boasts the longest battery life of any nano to date. However, contrary to rumours, it does not feature Wi-Fi. The iPod nano remains a fairly basic player, without wide app support. The iPod nano 2012 features 16GB of internal memory – non-expandable – and will sell for £129.

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picture credit: The Verge

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