New iPhone Specs Start to Firm Up

T-Mobile and Vodafone slips suggest everyone is now agreed ahead of the official event.

Things seem to be slowly coming together…

Today sees the latest – yet most credible – addition to the new iPhone rumours having seen T-Mobile Austria (the country’s official supplier) ‘accidentally’ post a placeholder for “iPhone 32GB NEW” (now removed). Seems rather a giveaway that. Combine this with an ‘End of Life’ email sent out to Vodafone Australia staff this week listing the iPhone 16GB and everything is snowballing rather nicely ahead of WWDC 2009.

Lastly rumours have dropped away from the outlandish – 64GB edition, iPhone nano, 8MP camera, microSD slot – to tie in closely with the uninspiring iPhone specifications which appeared last week. Namely: 3.2MP autofocus camera, 50 per cent better battery life, an OLED display and faster CPU (up to 800MHz) and twice the RAM. That digital compass also looks to be a cert, along with video recording via firmware 3.0 though talk of an FM tuner has gone rather quiet.

Other elements of common consensus include a new rubberised back with the metal band disappearing around the outside and a ‘glowing’ Apple logo on the back which sounds like a pointless battery drain and shameless brand promotion/mugger magnet.

Either way – unless Apple decides to hold off a couple of weeks from WWDC – we should have something official in just over two weeks. Furthermore, with these fairly practical but not awe inspiring additions we shouldn’t have to wait long for them to appear on shelves…

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