New iPad “Does a Kindle”, Wills Confusion

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The latest iPad tablet has launched, but it’s not officially called the iPad 3 or iPad HD – as was expected. Rather, Apple appears to have dropped the extra bits and is referring to the new edition as simply “iPad”. It’s much how the gadget-maker treats its iPod products, but will it only serve to confuse?

Although we’re used to this sort of consistent naming in the iPod touch range, it feels a little out of place in the premium tablet realm. Rather like the Amazon 2011 Kindle, it sits a little oddly in the mind. Perhaps it’s because this is a £400-plus premium gadget, or perhaps it’s because “shall I just get the last-gen version?” has always been a valid question with the iPad – Apple sells plenty of previous-gen refurbs and shops have often held sales of lingering new-old-stock.iPad 3
Resolutionary? Aha, I see what you did there

A device bought many a time by non-gadget geeks, as presents and indeed for themselves, we worry whether many will believe they’ve got a good deal only to find out they’re lumbered with an old model. Are we just fuddy-duddy sticklers of convention, or does the “new iPad” tag seem a little odd to you too?

The new iPad features a high-resolution screen, a blazingly-fast quad-core A5x processor and a much-improved 5-megapixel camera on the back. Although not an essential upgrade for current iPad 2 owners, it’s a worthy new addition to the famous family.