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New details on Elder Scrolls 6 are getting fans excited

It’s been nine years since the release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and fans have been waiting patiently for a sign of the sequel. Now, new information appearing online hints that  it may be about to go into full production. 

Job listings posted on the Zenimax website seem to show that the company is getting ready to hire games developers for its subsidiary company Bethesda, who develop the Elder Scrolls series.

‘Gameplay Programmer’ and ‘Graphics Programmer’ are among the roles advertised. While Bethesda is currently working on Starfield, it seems very late in the day to recruit new developers for that game. Conversely, it would make sense to be hiring now for the Elder Scrolls 6, which we believe is planned to release on the next generation of consoles.

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The programmer listing reads: “Bethesda Game Studios is looking for talented programmers to join our team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of RPG development for the PC and consoles. In this role the Game Programmer will write and develop application specific code based on design requirements. The Game Programmer will work closely with artists, lead engine programmers, designers and producers to implement game features.”

A new video editor listing also appeared, which seems potentially premature for this particular project. Are Bethesda thinking ahead as regards teaser trailers, perhaps? Or could this be something to do with Starfield?

The timing of these job listings certainly suggests to us that Starfield could be nearing completion and Bethesda are shifting focus to their well-loved RPG series. After all, what else could really be described as “the bleeding-edge of RPG development”?

We’re really hoping to get an update on this soon from Bethesda, as we’ve heard absolutely squat since E3 2018. Even then, what we got was words to the effect of “we will make the game” and a few seconds footage of an in-game hillside (which honestly just looked like Skyrim anyway really).

At the moment, the earliest we can expect the next instalment of the Elder Scrolls is 2021. For all the other info on the game, read our updated hub page here.