New calendar-like Facebook Notifications section coming to mobile users

Facebook looks set to give its Notifications section a major facelift, according to reports.

The social network wants to bring greater levels of detail to the list, adding fresh categories including trending topics, nearby friends and ‘Today in the Past’ to the mix, says Mashable.

“We are testing an updated Notifications tab that adds additional, relevant content about everything that might be helpful to know on a particular day,” a Facebook spokesperson told the site.

The revamped section will be introduced to mobile users in the US before rolling out globally, though an exact timescale has yet to be revealed.

It will reportedly contain eight distinct types of alert by default, some of which, such as birthdays, events, nearby friends and trending topics, are self-explanatory.

‘Nearby places’, meanwhile, will bring up places to eat in the area, while ‘news shared locally’ will show popular news that’s popular where you are.

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‘Life events’ is a collection of your friends’ events that took place recently, and ‘today in the past’ surfaces old posts, which will probably lead to plenty of cringing.

It sounds more like a full-scale calendar than an area you can quickly glance at, and the screengrabs above show just how comprehensive it will be. 

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It’s unclear if you’ll have the option of customising notifications, as you can right now, but you’ll definitely be able to expand the box to see more stories.