New AirPods case to wirelessly charge iPhone, dubious report claims

Apple is reportedly plotting an AirPods case that’ll also act as a wireless charger for an accompanying iPhone, according to reports in Japan.

Nikkei sources say the new case could be available by the end of the year, but that schedule is subject to change.

Currently the battery within the AirPods is only capable of recharging the wireless earphones. However, the next version would act as a charging pad for the compatible iPhone 8 and iPhone X ranges, if the report is to be believed.

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As you’d probably expect, we’re taking this report with an extremely unhealthy pinch of salt.

Apple is already working on a new wireless charging case for AirPods to be paired with the AirPower charging pad promised last September. Neither have made it to market just yet, with reports suggesting they may finally arrive alongside this year’s iPhone releases.

Despite Apple heading towards this eventuality, turning the AirPods case into a self-sufficient mini AirPower device would present a world of challenges for a company that has been reportedly struggling even to get AirPower right.

Just last week it emerged the firm is attempting to overcome a number of technical hurdles that have caused a delay to the AirPower release.

Bloomberg writes: “Company engineers have been toiling away to address problems. One challenge is making sure the charger doesn’t overheat. Another is the complexity of the circuitry, according to people familiar with the device’s development.”

Apple’s existing AirPods case features a Lightning port enabling the battery to be recharged for on-the-go use. So it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to extend this functionality to share that charge with a wired iPhone.

It could also be that the Nikkei report is referring to the wireless AirPods charging case Apple is currently working on and there have been crossed wires somewhere.

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