Netflix Updates Windows Phone App, Includes UK

Netflix has released an updated version of its film and TV viewing app for Windows Phone. It’s now available for us in the UK.

On the Netflix blog site, director of product management Roma De announced: “The new version includes several enhancements to improve your experience when enjoying Netflix on your Windows Phone, but we’re especially excited to expand Windows Phone support to Latin America, UK and Ireland.”

The Windows Phone app has been available to subscribers in the US and

Canada since November, 2010, complementing its apps for Android, iPhone

and various smart TVs, media players and games consoles.

Its features

include being able to start watching on one device and resume watching

on another. The expansion matches the increasing number of countries

where the Netflix service is available.


The revised app’s user interface can be customised for various local languages. Content can now be provided with alternate audio tracks, closed captions and subtitles. It’s a free to download app via the Windows Phone Marketplace for phones running WP7.5 (Mango) or later.

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