Netflix UK Movies & TV Shows: How the library compares to the rest of the world

UK Netflix subscribers enjoy one of the most plentiful content libraries in the world, it has emerged. figures show the UK has the second highest tally of TV shows (1,436) and the fourth highest choice of movies (3,616) out of 69 countries.

In terms of TV shows, Brits are second only to US audiences, who have 1,580 shows at their disposal.

Surprisingly, Japanese viewers have the most films to choose from 4,839 titles, which is 33% greater than the UK library. The US is in second place with 4,052 movies, and Canada come in third with 4,015.

“94% of Netflix libraries (or at least the ones in this sample) have a smaller film selection than ours,” the site reports.

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Bottom of the pile in terms of movies is Portugal, which has only 1,794 flicks to choose from. Kuwaiti subscribers get short shrift, with just 648 TV shows to enjoy.

Given Netflix is moving more towards original content as opposed to third-party archive content, the disparity will be less important moving forward.

The company is planning to spend $8 billion on original content in 2018 alone, with dozens of new shows and movies arriving on the platform.

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