The Netflix of the future could come in pill form

Netflix CEO Rich Hastings forsees a future where his now ubiquitous streaming service could be replaced – by a new wave of drugs that entertain you.

Of course, drugs are already capable of staving off boredom and helping us deal with the in-laws, but Hastings is envisaging something slightly different.

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Speaking at the WSJD Live conference, he said “there will be substitutes” in the future for things like films and TV shows.

What’s more, they’re likely to be pharmacologically-based, according to the Netflix bigwig :

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We can sort of see this happening. Fast forward to 2050 and you’ll strap on your Oculus 4 Pro headset, pop a couple of blues, and next thing you know, you’ll be in your very own Truman Show.

Sounds like fun, right? Well, Hastings certainly sees it as a real possibility, adding that movies and shows “will be like the opera and the novel.” in the future.

Either way, Hastings and his team of Netflixers aren’t quite ready to introduce such a thing yet. The company is still struggling to expand into all countries, having given up on China and its regulatory minefield last week, so it’s got more pressing concerns to deal with before it moves on to the entertainment super-pill.]

Still, we’re intrigued by Hastings’ comments, if only because they’re a little bit insane. But hey, that’s the starting point for true innovation, right?

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Let us know what you make of Hastings’ latest idea in the comments.