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Netatmo’s new Smart Alarm System includes a camera and a 110-decibel siren

Netatmo has announced its new Smart Alarm System with Camera, a security system that combines the Smart Indoor Camera, Smart Indoor Siren and Smart Door and Window Sensors.

Netatmo is billing its new set of products as the complete home security system. If triggered the Smart Alarm System will set off the 110-decibel alarm siren and alert users via their smartphone.

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The Netatmo Smart Alarm System with Camera bundle does not yet have a price. However – to buy them individually – the Smart Indoor Camera costs £199.99, the Smart Indoor Siren costs £69.99, and the pack of three Smart Door and Window Sensors would set you back £89.99.

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera provides real-time notifications to the user. It uses facial recognition to determine if a movement is a stranger in your home, a family member, or nothing at all. If something is detected, the user will be notified and sent photo and video of the event.

The Smart Windows and Door Sensors act to detect any movement or vibrations – alerting the user with specific notifications if it determines someone if trying to enter via a door or a window. For instance, you might receive an alert that says: “Movement detected at the kitchen window.”

The Smart Indoor Siren – which emits a deafening 110-decibel siren when triggered – can also be activated and deactivated manually via the Netatmo Security app.

The Netatmo Security app offers a range of customisation options for your home security system and is completely free to use, with no subscription required.

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Users can choose which alerts they would like to receive and customise them to do things such as only triggering the alarm when the user is not detected to be in the home, or to only sound when certain windows or door sensors are triggered.

Along with the 110-decibel alarm, the Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren can emit pre-recorded sounds like barking or a more regular beeping noise – allowing the user to simulate a presence in the home and potentially deter burglars.