Nest Cam security camera now available in UK

Nest has made its Nest Cam security camera available to buy in the UK.

The Google-owned home automation company unveiled its very first security camera, the Nest Cam, last month. After an initial roll-out in the US, it’s swiftly made its way over to the UK.

As predicted, the Nest Cam can be purchased for £159 from Nest’s online store. What’s more, if you purchase it before August 5, you get a free 60-day trial – you only need to subscribe to the company’s cloud storage service (which costs £24 per month) once that that trial period ends.

The Nest Cam is a direct replacement for the popular Dropcam line, with Nest having purchased Dropcam for $555 million around this time last year.

Nest’s first camera looks quite different, however, with skinny, rounded design. There’s also a magnet in the base, so you can stick the Nest Cam to your fridge or another metallic surface, and a tripod mount so you can leave it free-standing anywhere else.

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The Nest Cam is also an advancement over the Dropcam in the way it moves from 720p to a Full HD 1080p resolution. A Clear Zoom feature sharpens the corners on the Nest Cam’s 8x digital zoom facility.

Meanwhile, a ring of eight infrared LEDs provides superior night vision, and an integrated speaker and microphone allows you to remotely communicate with people in your home.