NEC Releases Fastest DVD Burner

NEC is the first to announce a 16-speed writer for both 'plus and 'minus' formats as well as 4-speed dual-layer writing.

NEC today announced that is to release a 16-speed dual-layer, dual-format DVD recorder. The ND3500A is the follow up to the hugely popular ND-2500 and ND-2510A but bests them both for speed.

The ND-3500A is the first DVD recorder announced will write to both DVD+R and DVD-R at up to 16-speed. It will also write to dual-layer DVD+R discs at up to 4-speed, enabling 8.5GB to be copied onto a single DVD.


NEC hasn’t ignored CD-writing either, with 48-speed CD burning, and 24-speed CD-RW on offer. The company recommends its own brand 16-speed media for use with the ND-3500A but as of writing you’d be hard pressed to even find any 8-speed media.

The drives will be available in funky black and silver as well as boring beige. The NEC home page is here.