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Nearly 30 years on from forsaking vinyl, Sony is giving it another spin

Sony has confirmed it will begin pressing vinyl records once again, a mere 28 years after it abandoned the format for the compact disc.

The Japanese giant has already installed record-cutting gear at a Tokyo studio and has even rehired some engineers to ensure the higher quality sound reproduction.

The report from Nikkei says: “Cutting is a delicate process, with the quality of sound affected by the depth and angle of the grooves and Sony is scrambling to bring in old record engineers to pass on their knowledge.”

The firm will start producing records in spring 2018 with reissues and new music on the agenda. Although the records will mostly be sold in Japan, the decision is indicative of vinyl’s stunning return to prominence.

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In December last year it emerged vinyl sales had beaten out digital downloads for the first time ever.

Official figures showed vinyl sales were worth £2.4 million in the UK, compared to the $2.1m amassed from digital downloads.

More than 3.2 million records were sold in the UK in 2016, up 53% on 2015, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down.

The creators of the MP3 file recently pronounced the format dead, giving the resurgent vinyl another feather in its cap.

Have you welcomed the turntable back into the fold? Or are you enjoying spinning records for the first time after growing up in the digital realm? Share your experiences in the comments below.