MSI Wind U115 Hybrid Priced and Dated for UK

12 hours claimed battery life, but at what cost!?

If you need a netbook with 12 hours of battery life then the MSI Wind U115 could be the sub-notebook for you once it launches in May.

The U115 is able to achieve its longevity thanks to its combination of an SSD and a mechanical drive which can be deactivated via a keyboard shortcut. A possible downside thereof is that the U115 only offers 8GB of solid-state storage so most applications and data will need to be kept on the 160GB drive.

Powering the U115 is a 1.60GHz Atom Z530 CPU and 1GB of RAM alongside Intel’s US15W chipset providing hardware decoding of H.264, MPEG-2, VC1 and WMV9 video up to 720p. The U115’s 10in screen has an unsurprising 1,024 x 600 pixel resolution, with connectivity provided by three USB ports, Ethernet and Draft-N WiFi.

As great as 12-hours of (potential) battery life could be, though, the £499 MSRP is likely to put many potential buyers off.