MSI Shows Off X-Slim Notebooks

Slim by name, slim by nature.

We already caught a glimpse of MSI’s design-orientated X320 but it seems MSI didn’t want that system getting lonely so has added two more notebooks to the X-slim range. We can but hope that the X340 and X600 won’t be exclusive to China, where they were shown off.

The X340 packs a 13.4in screen, with a 15.6in model making its way into the X600 – both with 16:9 aspect ratios. Elsewhere HDMI-outputs are found on both the X340 and X600 while the inclusion of eSATA on the latter should prove beneficial to some users.

Apparently both notebooks will be Centrino-2 based. That’s pretty impressive given the aggressive suggested pricing of $699 to $999 for the X340, although clearly not outside the remit of possibility. Atom-based systems such as Dell’s Mini 12 will certainly be given a run for their money by the launch of a ‘real’ laptop at a similar price and form factor.


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