MP3 Player Has 153 Hour Battery Life

Perfect... if you're planning to leave civilisation.

In the 21st century our gadgets are meant to be portable, but while they may come in ultra slim form factors and weigh less than a bulimic Ethiopian supermodel the fact of the matter is it’s the bulky chargers that accompany them which cause the back strain. So how about an MP3 player which you need to charge once every two months…?


The DAH-1900 from (whisper it MobiBLU) is the device in question with a quite frankly mind blowing 153 hours of battery life. That – if you do a few sums (and that’s all I can do) – equates to at least two months worth of juice based on a couple of hours use per day. Unfortunately MobiBLU chose to release the device immediately so we have no way of backing up the claims, but if it manages even half the quoted figure it still represents quite a coup.

Aside from having the staying power of Sting on Viagra, the DAH-1900 is fairly standard. It is available in 1GB (£109) and 2GB (£139) versions, it sports a four line two colour OLED display, FM radio, voice recorder, USB2.0 interface and support for drag and drop file transfer. File format support is hardly excessive playing just MP3 and WMA.

Still, if you’re a frequent traveller, have an acute phobia relating to power sockets or are regularly homeless then the DAH-1900 could be the player for you. And I’ll bet that’s just the message MobiBLU is trying to put across…

Mobi-BLU Europe

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