Mozilla Teases Firefox For Tablets

Mozilla has offered us a glimpse of the version of Firefox

in development specifically for Android tablet devices but has not yet revealed a

release date.

According to a blog post from Visual Designer at Mozilla, Ian

Barlow, the tablet version of the popular open-source browser “is an evolution

of its phone-based predecessor, with some added enhancements that take

advantage of a tablet’s larger screen size.”

The tablet version has taken its designs hints from Android

Honeycomb according to Barlow, drawing on the OS’s “minimalist design language”

However you will still know it’s Firefox with the distinctive large ‘back’

button and tab shape (see below).

Firefox for Tablets.

Another signature Firefox feature which will keep its place

in the new tablet version will be the Awesomebar, a URL field which let you

search bookmarks, history and synched desktop activity.

Mozilla is taking advantage of the greater real estate

afforded by tablets, by including a row of tabs now available on the phone

version. These will appear on the left hand side of the screen in landscape

mode (see below) and on the top of the screen in portrait mode.

 Firefox for Tablets

As we said there’s no word on a release date yet, but it’s

good to see that someone is working on boosting the number of tablet-specific

apps available for Android.

Source: Firefox For Tablets